Storytelling for the Rank & File

Presented by Tim Sheard, veteran nurse-author and National Writers Union organizer; author of the Lenny Moss mysteries.

This is a hands-on workshop where activists are trained in setting up writing circles in their workplace and their community.


For over thirty years, corporate leaders and wealthy individuals have been grabbing more and more of the wealth of the nation while reducing the living standards of ordinary working people. The wealthy 1% has defended this theft with unremitting attacks on labor unions and on wages and benefits.

One way that working people can combat these ongoing attacks is to write and publish the stories of their work. These stories demonstrate to the community the value that workers produce and the sacrifices that workers make every day.

Because some working people are unable to attend formal writing classes, unions & other mass organizations need to organize Writing Circles. The Circles can be held at union halls, churches, public schools and other public spaces. They can also be organized at worksites, with workers meeting over meal breaks to read aloud & hone their writing skills. And the best part of it is… writing is fun. It is an enjoyable, fulfilling process that builds individual self-esteem, union solidarity and class consciousness.