New UNION Song & Music Video Contest

A Murder of Crows

(The Union Song)

Music Video Contest

Labor Unions Face Extinction. Keep Unions Alive with a Powerful New Music Video

Current Size of the Prize: $301
Visit for more information and to enter the contest.

Submit Your Video ! Here’s How:

(1) Learn the song. View a straightforward video of
A Murder of Crows (The Union Song) here

(2) See the sheet music here. See the lyrics here

(3) Cover the song your way, folk, rock, anything. Make a powerful, memorable music video based on the song.

(4) Upload your video to YouTube and email the YouTube URL to us here

Deadline is midnight eastern time, 1/29/12.
(5) See your video and all video submissions here

Jeff & Flora will select the winning video that best conveys the meaning of the song, and award the prize on 2/5/12. Radio stations / private studios which provide free recording facilities will share the prize equally with the artist(s).

We recorded this straightforward version of the song A Murder of Crows (The Union Song) so you can hear it and learn it by visiting here .

A Murder of Crows (The Union Song) Copyright Jeff Mitchell and Flora Newberry 2011 all rights reserved.

Sharis (guitar and vocal, click here for website) is a singer-songwriter from Northern California who has lived in New Jersey for the last seven years. She performs regularly both solo and in projects including ‘Gypsonica’ and ‘Union Dues.’ Sharis is available to perform alone and with Rebecca at events and clubs.
Rebecca Copeland is a singer-songwriter who lives in Los Angeles and New Jersey. She is currently performing and recording a CD on the east coast.