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  • July 64 (DVD)

    Posted January 17, 2015 at 6:19 pm


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    JULY ’64 tells the story of a historic three-day race riot that erupted in two African American neighborhoods in the northern, mid-sized city of Rochester, New York. On the night of July 24, 1964, frustration and resentment brought on by institutional racism, overcrowding, lack of job opportunity and police dog attacks exploded in racial violence that brought Rochester to its knees. Directed by Carvin Eison and produced by Chris Christopher, JULY ’64 combines historic archival footage, news reports and interviews with witnesses and participants to dig deeply into the causes and effects of the historic disturbance.

    Note: It is a violation of copyright to host a public or classroom screening of a film using the home DVD. In order to stay legal and support the filmmakers, please buy Institutional/Educational DVDs through the California Newsreel website, www.newsreel.org. Thanks for your cooperation.

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