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    Posted January 10, 2015 at 11:27 am


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    Insurgent Images- Buhle/Alewitz

    “Mike Alewitz’s art has given eloquent voice to the aspirations of working people throughout the world.”
    —Martin Sheen

    The most prolific U.S. labor muralist since the 1940s, Alewitz illuminates the hidden spaces where connections between the U.S. workforce and its extended relatives across the planet are to be found.

    Insurgent Images contains murals for the Teamsters, the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers, the Communications Workers, United Electrical Workers, the United Farm Workers, as well as the Highlander Folk School and other labor institutions. Other works respond to dramatic events such as the 1984 strike of P-9 workers in Austin, Minnesota, the 1991 rebellion in Los Angeles, and the tragedy at Chernobyl. Altogether, this collection presents an inspiring artistic reading of our epoch.

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