Mariachis at Zacky Farms


Unidos Venceremos: Mariachis Accompany Union Victory at Zacky Farms

(From an article in UFCW Action, Sept.-Oct 1987), which describes how 700 poultry workers voted to be represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 126 in Fresno, CA}

“…The vast majority of workers at Zacky are Hispanic, so Local 126 contacted a well-known Hispanic songwriter, Lalo Guerrero, to compose a few songs for the workers at Zacky Farms.

His two songs, “Himno de Amistad” (Hymn of Brotherhood) and “Corrido de Zacky Farms” (Ballad of Zacky Farms) were recorded and played on local Hispanic radio stations during the weeks prior to the election.

On the day before the election, Guerrero came from Los Angeles to sing in front of the plant with a mariachi band.

‘Music is a very important part of Hispanic heritage,’ said [Local 126 President, Marcello] Salcido. ‘And it is also a strong part of labor heritage. These two songs by Lalo Guerrero helped to build spirit and morale, and we are very grateful to Lalo for joining us in this battle to secure decent union working conditions at Zacky.’…

Singing for the Union

Lalo Guerrero is a well-known Hispanic singer and composer who toured with his own orchestra during the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. He has also been a long-time supporter and advocate of human rights and the advancement of Hispanic rights, in particular. A strong backer of the labor movement, Guerrero was an early supporter and singer for the United Farm Workers. Though now retired, he has written more than 150 songs, which are characterized by his witty phrasing and encouragement for action.

Himno de Amistad

Este himno que cantamos es un canto de amistad
Dedicado a nuestro gente que trabaja en Zacky Farms
Exijimos lo que es justo, el respeto y dignidad
Seguridad de trabajo eso es lo principal
Las Lineas van muy recio y no hay el personal
Por mas que el union se a pure sale producto mal
En seguida a la oficina a firmar le reprension
Suspension por, dos, tres dias y si no terminacion
Cuando alguien se accidenta firma la admonestracion
Que no le pase dos veces porque es la misma cancion
Virgen de Guadalupe danos tu benedicion
Y permite que juntemos a Zacky Farms y la union
Ya tenemos la amnestis, no teman a la inmigracion
Ya con est me despido no se les vay a olvidar
Si luchamos, venceremos, no nos vamos a dejar
Virgen Guadalupana, Reina de mi nacion
Yo se que mi gente gana gracias a tu benedicion

Hymn of Brotherhood

(Translation by Marcello Salcido)

This hymn that we are singing is a hymn of brotherhood
Dedicated to members of our race that are working at Zacky Farms
What we want, is what is fair, respect and dignity
Security on the job to us, is the most important thing
The lines are going too fast, and the lines are understaffed
No matter how much we hurry, our product comes out bad
Then we are taken to the office to sign a disciplinary form
We are suspended for 2, 3 days or even given a termination
When someone has an accident, they sign their rights away
It better not happen twice or it becomes the same old “song” (termination)
Virgin of Guadelupe, give us your sacred blessings
And permit that we unite Zacky Farms and our union
Today we sing with happiness and we march in unison
We now have the amnesty, We no longer fear immigration
With this verse, I will say farewell, but I hope you won’t forget
If we fight together, we will triumph, we will not be overcome
Virgin of Guadelupe, Queen of my Motherland
I know that my people will triumph thanks to your blessing”

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