Using Social Media to Organize and Push Your Message

Andrew T. Richards, AFL-CIO Digital Strategies & Jennifer Kaufman, AFL-CIO, Campaigns Department

The historic protests and recall elections in Wisconsin and the recent efforts to demand justice for Trayvon Martin show the power that social media can play in organizing for social change. More and more, successful campaigns are integrating aggressive social media tactics with offline organizing in order to engage a broader audience and create buzz with the potential of going viral. Strategies that the Union movement has embraced are working, this workshop details the successes and strategies you can use to be successful in getting you message out too.

In this workshop we will take a look at different social media tools available to you, the basics on using them and techniques for using them effectively for organizing, building buzz around a campaign and moving your message, with particular focus on examples from labor campaigns.

Note: If you have a smartphone or laptop, please bring it to this workshop. We will be using them to practice some of the techniques we discuss.