This Line is Singin’ by the Freedom Song Network

This CD was produced by the Freedom Song Network and the San Mateo Labor Council to showcase classic labor songs that are easy to sing along with on picket lines.  Several are adapted from traditional and gospel songs.

The vocalists are Alex Bagwell, Harriet Bagwell, George Fouke, Jon Fromer (also on guitar), Reed Fromer (also on keyboards), Christine Haupert-Wemmer, Mary Idosidis, Shelley Kessler, Dave Welsh, Pat Wynne, and Ed Wyre.

  1. Soon and Very Soon – adapted by Bruce Thomas
  2. Roll the Union On – John Handcox
  3. Which Side Are You On? – Florence Reese
  4. When the Poor Have Won Their Rights – lyrics Christine Haupert-Wemmer
  5. Come Go With Me to That Land – traditional
  6. Union – lyrics by the Freedom Song Network
  7. We Shall Not Be Moved – traditional
  8. Solidarity Forever – Ralph Chaplin
  9. Union Maid – Woody Guthrie
  10. We Need a Union – Jon Fromer
  11. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around – traditional
  12. May the Work I Have Done – gospel adapted by Bruce Thomas
  13. This Little Light of Mine – traditional
  14. Rocking Solidarity – lyrics by Ralph Chaplin, melody and arrangement by Dave Welsh
Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 7.25 × 1 in