Steve and Peter Jones are brothers who grew up in a musical family.  In the 1970s they worked as boycott organizers for Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers of America.  On the picket lines they wrote parodies, like The Gallo Song, and played guitars.  For over 40 years they have performed for unions and progressive organizations. 

The song Kilkelly, Ireland has become well-known in Irish and folk song circles around the world.  Peter wrote the Mother’s Day Song for Luci Murphy, who sings it on the recording.   Clouds was recently recorded by Lilo Gonzalez on his children’s CD.

Steve’s labor jazz operas Forgotten: Murder at the Ford Rouge Plant and Love Songs from the Liberation Wars: The 1940s Tobacco Workers Struggle have been performed to sold out audiences in Washington, DC and Detroit.

1985 – CLOUDS CR 301 LP

  • Side One
    1. Kilkelly, Ireland
    2. The Gallo Song
    3. What to Do
    4. 27-Year-Old Virgin
    5. Stationary Blues
    6. The Taxi Song
  • Side Two
    1. Mother’s Day Song
    2. Statue of Liberty
    3. Spice Tale
    4. King George
    5. Slave Auction
    6. Clouds
    7. If Rosa Parks Can Go to Jail
Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 7.25 × 1 in