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  • Steve Earle – Corazon

    Posted January 16, 2015 at 9:44 pm


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    Steve Earle – El Corazon (CD)

    All in all, these dozen tunes are the best songwriting Earle has produced since his 1986 breakthrough, Guitar Town, and he sings them with the take-it-or-leave-it authority of someone who has nothing left to prove. On the album’s first and best song, “Christmas in Washington”, he offers a mournful prayer to Woody Guthrie to come back and rescue us from an era of wishy-washy Democrats and ruthless Republicans; Earle sings it as if his prayer had been answered and the Okie troubadour’s ghost had found a home in his belly. –Geoffrey Himes

    Track Listing

    1. Christmas In Washington
    2. Taneytown
    3. If You Fall
    4. I Still Carry You Around
    5. Telephone Road
    6. Somewhere Out There
    7. You Know The Rest
    8. N.Y.C.
    9. Poison Lovers
    10. The Other Side Of Town
    11. Here I Am
    12. Ft. Worth Blues

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