Love Songs Medley (from Love Songs from the Liberation Wars)

In 2017, Steve Jones and Elise Bryant debuted Love Songs from the Liberation Wars, a jazz opera written and composed by Steve about the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Strike of 1943.

At the time, this song was beautifully performed by the key players of the jazz opera and accompanied by the DC Labor Chorus.

Here, the DC Labor Chorus proudly offers their rendition. We may not be in the midst of a tobacco worker’s strike, but the lyrics are every bit as relevant for these times that we’re living in!

Special thanks to the following:

Dr. Robert Korstad

Robin Fader Photography @robinfader

Ricardo Levins Morales (DCLC Graphic Design) @ricardolevinsmorales

Holly Syrrakos (Love Songs from the Liberation Wars Poster Design)

Nadja Bruskin (for her superb editing of this inspiring video)