Life In The Liberated Zone: A Collective Creative-Writing Project

Presented by Juliana Barnet

Occupy Our Stories is about sharing our experiences in movement building through the collective creative writing of our stories. Participants will read posted stories, and will write and share their own experiences in the group. The workshop theme and process is based on the project Life in the Liberated Zone, which aims to raise consciousness of our own culture as social justice movement builders through writing stories showing our lives, loves, adventures and struggles.

Writing stories helps us remember, explore and understand the concrete details of how we make change, and writing fiction gives us the opportunity to delve into important and difficult “stuff” without pointing fingers at individuals. If we want truth told about us, WE NEED TO WRITE OUR OWN STORIES! Come and write with us!

Participants will be encouraged to read from their writing during the Arts Exchange and consider offering their work for presentation as part of a collective dramatic reading as an act for the concert/performance. “A community that loses its stories loses its memory” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez