LHF’s 21st Annual Fundraiser & Evening of Labor Honors

The Labor Heritage Foundation’s 21st Annual

Evening of Labor Honors

On November 9, 2010, activists, artists, leaders, and friends gathered at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, DC for the Labor Heritage Foundation’s 21st Annual Evening of Labor Honors.

This year the Labor Heritage Foundation expanded its honors to include significant contributions to the labor movement; particularly through support and use of  of Labor Arts, Culture and Creative organizing. 2010 honors and honorees were:


Union Leadership Award

Richard L. Trumka

President, AFL-CIO


Labor Lifetime Achievement Award

William “Bill” Lucy

Founder, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists/

AFSCME (retired)


Labor Art & Culture Award

Karen Nussbaum

Executive Director, Working America

In Mr. Trumka’s acceptance speech, the audience was moved by phrases such as “The arts and culture of the labor movement can be inspirational and empowering.  We would do well to appreciate what we have, not hide it away.”  And the Labor Heritage Foundation is doing just that… putting arts and culture in the forefront, to help lead and fuel the labor movement.  His remarks were interspersed with bursts of applause and accolades from the audience.  Trumka also offered a collective pat on the back to the entire Labor Heritage Foundation and their affiliates in saying “We in the labor movement are lucky to have a rich culture, and we’re fortunate that the Labor Heritage Foundation is working to strengthen our movement through the arts.”


The evening’s program was punctuated with examples of the labor movement expressed through the arts.  During the reception in the foyer and lobby of the AFL-CIO headquarters, several larger-than-life hand-crafted puppets were displayed along the backdrop of a grand mosaic depicting an array of historical scenes.  The puppets held or wore signs proclaiming messages such as “CHANGE” and “Fund Jobs Not War.”



One of the LHF projects this year was having youth conduct oral history interviews with working women, to learn about their experiences in the workplace and to gain some insight into the labor movement.

At the reception area, intern Tyler Jones posed beside one of the oversized puppets and a video of her interview with Arlene Holt Baker, the Executive Vice President of the AFL-CIO.


Beverly Holton

There were magnificent vocal performances by two talented singers: Beverly Holton (AFL-CIO/OPIEU), and Renee Barnes (AFSCME).  Ms. Holton’s “Nine to Five” was especially relevant, because Nussbaum, one of the evening’s honorees, was instrumental in the


Renee Barnes

development of the movie Nine to Five starring Dolly Parton, which showcased some of the issues that faced working women in the 1908’s.  Ms. Barnes customized her rendition of “If I Can Help Somebody” in honor of Bill Lucy, and inserted his name into the lyrics!  It was very emotional.  In addition to the singers, noted poet and labor activist Mark Nowak, read an impactful passage from his book Coal Mountain Elementary, which describes events during and after the Sago West Virginia Mine disaster of 2006.


Mark Nowak

And the smooth flow of events could be attributed in part to the talents of Mr. James Boland, President of Bricklayers and Allied Craftwokers.  He served as Emcee for the evening, introducing speakers and transitioning from one segment of the program to the next.  Great job, Jim!


Jim Boland

The actual award certificates were presented, matted and framed, to each of the honorees.  Look for those beauties to be prominently displayed in their offices very soon!


Richard Trumka (center-right) receives Union Leadership Award

from Elise Bryant, LHF Board Chair (center)

Saul Schniderman, LHF Founder/Secretary (far right)

and Darryl! Moch, LHF Executive Director (far left)


Bill Lucy (right) receives Labor Lifetime Achievement Award

from Saul Schniderman, LHF Board Secretary (center)

Darryl! Moch, LHF Executive Director (far left) and

Elise Bryant, LHF Board Chair (far right)


Karen Nussbaum (right) receives Labor Art & Culture Award

from Darryl! Moch, LHF Executive Director (2nd from left)

with Saul Schniderman, LHF Board Secretary (far left)

and Elise Bryant, LHF Board Chair (2nd from right)

Photography by:

Chris Garlock/Union City

Yvonne Wormley Jones/Friend of LHF-DCLC

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