Time Line History of The Labor Heritage Foundation

 1979 – Labor Lore & Song Conference held as a class of the George Meany Center for Labor Studies, AFL-CIO

1980 – Labor Lore & Song Conference1981 – Labor Lore & Song Conference.

1982 – Renamed the Great Labor Song  Exchange.  Labor Heritage Foundation established.      

1983 – Event cancelled as a class by the Meany Center; participants hold event at the River Road Unitarian Church.

1984 – Under LHF sponsorship, event returns to Meany Center.

In June, 1986, the Labor Studies Center at the University of Michigan – where Elise Bryant was artistic director – held its Workers Culture School, “Arts in, of and from the Workplace.”  Following this event the LHF changed the name to the Great Labor Arts Exchange.

Follow this link to find more: A collection of materials of the Labor Heritage Foundation housed at the University of Maryland Libraries.