The Board of Directors

yvette Yvette De La Cruz (President)

   Saul Schniderman (Chair) is the President of the Library of Congress Professional Guild (AFSCME 2910), Director of the Inventory of American Labor Landmarks, and former editor of Talkin’ Union.

Lynda DeLoche Lynda DeLoach (Treasurer) is a labor educator and former AFL-CIO archivist.  She is also a member of the AFL-CIO Retirees Association and the CWA Retired Members Council.
Mike Michael Leslie (Secretary) is an activist and labor educator with years of experience in providing mobilizing, leadership, organizing, and undergraduate education to universities, social justice groups and trade unions in the U.S. and West Africa. As a Solidarity Center program officer, he assists in building the capacity of global partners. At Wayne State University he was the director of the Labor School, a union organizing and leadership development program.  He was UAW Local 735 Vice President for an 8000 member local union and health & safety activist.  Mike’s areas of expertise include health & safety, Labor history, African history, sociology, diversity, public speaking and stewards training.