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Joe Glazer (1918-September 19, 2006), closely associated with labor unions and often referred to as the “labor’s troubadour,” was a US-American folk musician who recorded more than thirty albums over the course of his career. Born in New York City, Joe was a graduate of Brooklyn College. He eventually moved to Akron, Ohio where he performed for the United Rubber Workers throughout his career, a union for which he served as education director from 1950 to 1962. He was also a member of the Textile Workers Union of America, an adviser to the United States Information Agency, 1961 joined the Foreign Service staff of the U.S. Information Agency, then headed by Edward R. Murrow, and was sent to Mexico as labor information officer. He also worked for the US State Department in Washington as a labor adviser in 1965.
Joe Euehlein Joe Uehlein was the Director of the AFL-CIO’s Center for Strategic Campaigns and spent over 40 years doing organizing, bargaining, and strategic campaign work in the labor movement, while also living his life at the confluence of art and activism, and deeply immersed in the environmental movement and especially the climate change movement. Joe’s band, The U-Liners, performs in a roots-rock style and their repertoire includes many songs of labor, freedom, human rights and environmental movements.
Saul Schniderman is the President of the Library of Congress Professional Guild (AFSCME 2910),  Director of the Inventory of American Labor Landmarks, and former editor of Talkin’ Union.