Jobs With Justice Week of Action


September 24-October 1, 2009

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ONE YEAR AGO Congress & the Federal Reserve bailed-out Wall Street and the insurers, claiming they were “too big to fail.” ONE YEAR LATER…

  • Workers are losing their jobs, homes, healthcare, & retirement security
  • The Bailed-Out Banks continue to award executive bonuses while refusing to finance jobs and evicting renters and homeowners through foreclosures
  • Corporations still “own” Congress & are continuing with “business as usual” by blocking measures like health care reform and the Employee Free Choice Act
  • The G-20, an international group of powerful bankers and governments, is meeting in Pittsburgh (9/24) to push for more of the same failed policies that created the economic crisis.


Our Message:

Jobs & the Unemployment Crisis:

  • Stop layoffs and develop a “jobs creation program” to create millions of good jobs in our communities
  • Pass the Employee Free Choice and other measures to ensure worker dignity
  • Prioritize the unemployment crisis, extending and expanding benefits, including access to health care


  • Keep people in their homes; stop the foreclosures & evictions
  • Fund affordable housing and community reinvestment

Health Care:

  • Enact quality, public, affordable health care for all

A New Economy that Works for Everyone:

  • Protect retirement security and pensions
  • Fix our broken trade and immigration laws
  • Support education and human needs
  • Make corporations and the wealth pay a fair share of taxes.
  • Break up the corporate giants & create a financial system that works for all

Join our growing coalition of workers, students & youth, people of faith, and community members. On the anniversary of the bailouts, some will send members to Pittsburgh for the G-20 meetings while others will take on banks and other corporate criminals in our own communities who have continued to make money while the rest of us suffer.

We need to join together and build power and momentum through bold action in order to transform our economy into something that works for all of us.