International Ladies Garment Workers Union – Historic Recording Playback

Presented by Saul Schniderman

In 1935 the Education Deptartment of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) issued 2 twelve-inch 78 rpm records sung by the International Chorus of the ILGWU. This recording preceded the famous “Talking Union” album by Pete Seeger and the Almanac Singers which was issued in 1941. The ILGWU recording was located at the Library of Congress’ National Audio Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Va.

This recording represents the first distribution of labor songs by an American union; there are only 3 known copies in existence. Great Labor Arts Exchange participants will have the chance to listen to the 12 songs which are sung by an all-male chorus in the European tradition. Six of the songs have never been recorded since.

Workshop leader: Saul Schniderman, Co-Founder and Board Secretary, Labor Heritage Foundation; President, Library of Congress Professional Guild, AFSCME 2910.