Great Labor Arts Exchange, Conference on Creative Organizing, & Camp Solidarity

2012 Workshops :: Tentative Schedule


International Ladies Garment Workers Union – Historic recording playback
Presented by Saul Schniderman … details

Organzing & Nuts and Bolts of running a labor/union publication.
Presented by:
Larry Evans, Pittsburgh PA running “The Mill Hunk Herald.”
Mike Konopacki, Madison, WI “Wage Slave Weekly World News.” [Invited]
Saul Schniderman, Takoma Park, MD “Talkin’ Union.”
… details …

Plenary: Brothers on the Line (Film screening and discussion)
Presented by Sasha Reuther … details

The “Songs of the OCCUPY Movement”
Presented by Hali Hamer and Bobbi Rabinowitz … details

Presented by Diane Wilson … details

Using Social Media to Organize and Push Your Message
Presented by  Andrew T. Richards, AFL-CIO Digital Strategies & Jennifer Kaufman, AFL-CIO, Campaigns Department …  details

Everyday Music
Presented by Tia Imani Hanna … details

Self Determination in the Belly of the Beast:
Popular Education and Lessons from Movement History
Presented by Virginia Leavell, Walda Katz-Fishman & Rebecca Mintz … details

Creating Art for the Movement: Art With A Purpose
Presented by: Tunde Odunlade … details

The creative side of nonviolent direct action: stories from the streets
Presented by Carrie Biggs-Adams, CWA union organizer … details

Labor Songs Workshop
Presented by members of the Charm City Labor Chorus … details

History That Made Songs/Songs That Changed History (a musical workshop)
Presented by Charlie King and Ms. Jaymes Winell … details

Off the Page And On Your Feet: Moving To The Rhythms of Labor Poetry
Presented by Joanne Rocky Delaplaine and Darryl! Moch … details


Writers Workshop Series sponsored by the National Writers Union Moderated by Ann Hoffman, NWU National 1st VP

Storytelling for the Rank & File
Presented by Tim Sheard, veteran nurse-author and National Writers Union organizer; author of the Lenny Moss mysteries. … details

Creative Writing
Presented by Sarah Browning, Published Poet; Union& Social Activist … details

Panel: Publishing, Performance and Marketing
Led by Tim Sheard, Sarah Browning, & John Feffer … details

The Pundit: Presentation and Discussion
Presented by John Feffer … details

Life In The Liberated Zone: A Collective Creative-Writing Project
Presented by Juliana Barnet … details

Graffiti Haiku
Presented by Jon Robison, Pittsburgh PA … details

*Some workshops and plenaries will be joint sessions with Great Labor Arts Exchange, Conference on Creative Organizing, and/or Camp Solidarity.

Workshop schedule is tentative and subject to changes, additions, or substitutions