Graffiti Haiku

Presented by Jon Robison, Pittsburgh PA

Graffiti haiku are meant to be seen
As much as heard.
Posted on walls or in bathrooms/
Graffiti haiku are
Participatory. Political. Passionate. Provocative. Personal. Pithy. Pissed-off.
Get off your ass and DO something.

Graffiti haiku are written as political tools. They are intended to be used for an event, a demonstration, a strike, an organizing campaign– anything to shake up the system. They are intended to be posted visibly. They are written or selected to incite people to think and to act politically. YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN GRAFFITI HAIKU. You can use them for picket signs, for chants, for a short provocative flyer, or to write on the factory wall. You work out how to use them for your struggles.