2013 Great Labor Arts Exchange

The Great Labor Arts Exchange is a gathering of union and community activists, rank and filers, organizers, cultural workers, artists, labor educators, and youth who use, or support the use of, songs, art, poetry, theater, skits, posters, cartoons, and film to strengthen the labor movement.  You don’t need to be an artist or performer to attend or perform!!!

35th-GLAE-Postcard-vert8Registration Information

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Full workshop schedule coming soon

To pay by check, or to arrange monthly payments, contact knewman@laborheritage.org.

Submission information for the Artists Gallery can be found here.

  • Nourish your soul in an atmosphere of creativity & solidarity;
  • Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of working people;
  • Network with labor musicians, organizers, performers, visual artists, and writers.

Enjoy workshops (such as)

  • Songwriting
  • The Making of a Parody
  • Working Artists: Making art work and keep you working (a Business 101 for Artists)
  • Labor Music & Songs 101 (Songs every union member/supporter should know)
  • Oral History/Story Telling
  • Labor Art Space
  • The Power of the Spoken Word – Theatre, Poetry, and Performance
  • Arts Exchange and Song Swap
  • Using You-Tube, Internet, and online networking sites to build your base and get your message out

Participants will:

  • Meet other unionists from all over the country and abroad;
  • Network with other progressive activists and cultural workers;
  • Exchange experiences and ideas for artistic expression;
  • Collaborate or engage with other artists, performers, and activists;
  • Share resources with organizers and artists from the Conference on Creative Organizing;
  • Return home rejuvenated, energized and inspired with a battery of new ideas and tools that will make your artistry more engaging and infused.

Previous participants said:

  • “This is not just entertainment – we’re building for strength.”
  • “I attended in conjunction with my NLC graduation.  It was intended to be part of celebrating completion of my academic goals.  It turned out to be a new beginning for me.”
  • “I love the wide inclusion of all generations!”
  • “…[this] seems to have started as a retreat for lefty political folk singers to foster solidarity.  It has evolved into a training camp…workshop to [for] activists to reinvigorate the labor movement through labor culture.”
  • “Acceptance of everyone no matter what their skill or talent.”  “I enjoyed performing – best time I’ve had in a long time.”
  • “Loved singing in the chorus!!!”

The Joe Hill Award 

The Joe Hill Award – honors leaders and artists who have contributed to the successful integration of arts and culture in the labor movement. Given every year at the Great Labor Arts Exchange it is awarded to persons based on their dedication, participation, and promotion of labor, labor arts, culture, organizing, and/or history. Join us as we celebrate the lives and contributions of our artist/cultural worker living legends!