Creating Art for the Movement: Art With A Purpose

Presented by Tunde Odunlade

Tunde Odunlade is an internationally acclaimed print and textile artist and solo performer (drumming, singing, and storytelling). Participants will work with Tumde to create their own work of art with a purpose; activism which will serve as a window to showcase the importance of art as a tool to fight corruption, inequity and injustice moving towards a greater and egalitarian society through cultural armament, universally. This is an interactive hands-on session that uses both contemporary and traditional art techniques.

This interactive workshop will feature Tunde’s unique batik appliqué process that builds on traditional textile print techniques to create wall hangings with unusual depth and texture and a new style he calls “floatograph” that combines the techniques of marbleizing, calligraphy, and batik to create organic abstractions. His images draw on the rich history of Yoruba art and culture, modern-day life, and his passion for music.

This is not “art for art’s sake;” rather, it is “art with a purpose”~ the use of art to reach across cultural differences and raise awareness among his own people and the international community about both the potential and the challenges facing us all.