Call for workshop & plenary proposals for GLAE/CCO/Camp Solidarity

2011 Call for Workshops & Presenters

Great Labor Arts Exchange

Conference on Creative Organizing

& Camp Solidarity

This year’s events will be held at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, MD just on the edge of Washington, DC June 17-19, 2011. Proposals may be submitted now through May 15st 2011. We are the synergy that promotes and fuels the labor and progressive movements. You are building the movement. Your voice, experience, and struggle make us stronger. This is why we invite conference participants and supporters to bring dynamic- interactive workshops/presentations to enhance our collective and our network. Read on for guidelines and procedures for workshop/presentation submissions.

We are also looking for presenters/instructors for Camp Solidarity- for youth ages 7-17. Presenters/Instructors are asked to submit short simple lesson ideas that will help the youth explore union/labor history and culture, social justice, human rights, and civil rights through the creative arts. Unlike other summer experiences, Camp Solidarity also includes unique and powerful explorations of progressive movements. Workshop lessons should be interactive in nature and can be as creative as you are!!

In the spirit of the Labor Heritage Foundation, as a base for collaboration, synergy, and strengthening the labor movement through the use of arts, culture and creative organizing; and particularly as a shared movement process we are very interested in proposals that build on best practices, shared and real life experiences. We also encourage proposals that promote multi-generational, cross-cultural, and cross movement solidarity and in visioning for the future success of artists, cultural workers, and creative organizers. Proposals may be submitted now through May 15st 2011. We encourage you to submit your proposals early.

Important Information

We are creating a supportive space and process using the arts, culture, and creative organizing for movement convergence, movement collaboration, and relationship building. We are looking for workshops and presentations that will be invigorating, dynamic, and insightful. We are particularly interested in workshops that encourage audience participation, skills building, networking, and participant take-a-ways (meaning something participants can use at work, in the community, at home and in their lives).

We are looking for workshops/presentations that will create an atmosphere

where the arts and culture of the labor movement are highlighted creating useful tools for

strengthening the movement and our work on the ground; using cultural tools to combat fear

and inject “excitement” into union, community, and political campaigns.

Guidelines & Procedures for Workshops/Presentation Proposals

We encourage…

· Presentation of material in a manner accessible to all educational levels.

· Interactive and popular education formats. However, the final presentation format is up to the presenters.

· Multigenerational presenters, to foster intergenerational continuity.

· Inclusion of action steps, skill building, visions and solutions in your workshops. We strive for a good mix of both issues-based and skill-share workshops.

· Inclusion of an artist or cultural worker in your event to foster alternative forms of facilitation and methods that address the multiple ways in which individuals learn and retain information.

· Reflection of the LHF’s commitment to ensuring that people from poor, working class and oppressed communities are represented

Submission procedure

Proposals may be submitted by anyone; final workshop selection will be from registered participants/organizations.

  • Submit your proposal to the GLAE/CCO by May 15, 2011. You are encouraged to submit early.
  • We prefer proposals to be submitted electronically to . However, you may also submit proposals on paper at the following address:

Labor Heritage Foundation

Workshop Proposal Submission

815 16th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20006

  • Register and pay for yourself/organization using the registration form or online at
  • Notification of acceptance to present at the 2011 GLAE/CCO will be communicated to the contact person around May 20th, 2011.

Sponsoring Organization and Presenter Responsibilities

  • Register and attend the Great Labor Arts Exchange/Conference on Creative Organizing.
  • Cover own expenses for travel and lodging to and from the event.
  • Provide up-to-date contact information leading up to the event.
  • Notify LHF of any changes in content, format, names, or numbers of presenters after proposal has been accepted
  • Agree that the focus of the workshop will not be exclusively selling products or services.
  • Submit any resources or materials presented during the workshop (handouts, links, etc.) to the Labor Heritage Foundation immediately following the conference for possible posting on the website. Electronic format preferred
  • Bring your own supplies and equipment, such as butcher block paper, markers, projectors, cables, copies of handouts etc. Limited supplies will be available for those needing them.