36th Annual Great Labor Arts Exchange June 20-22, 2014

SeegerImageGLAE2014The 36th annual Great Labor Arts Exchange will take place June 20th 2014! The Great Labor Arts Exchange (GLAE) is a supportive space that integrates arts, culture, and creative organizing for movement convergence, movement collaboration, and relationship building. Participants will engage in workshops and presentations wherein the arts and culture of the labor movement are highlighted to create useful tools for strengthening the movement and our work on the ground.

Participants will learn to use cultural tools to combat fear and inject “excitement” into union, community, and political campaigns.

Register early to ensure your participation. You can call our office at (202) 639-6204 If you would like more information about the GLAE, please contact Elise Bryant at (202) 639-6204 or email at info@laborheritage.org. (View the official press release) Check out song contest guidelines in the video below! You can submit your songs or poems via the registration page here on the LHF Website.