Documentary Film Series about the History of the American Labor Movement

Strength In Union is an epic documentary series about the history of the American labor movement.

The film will consist of five one-hour episodes beginning in the early 1800s and ending with the current political and economic challenges facing labor unions in the current era.

Director, Caeser Pink
Director, Caeser Pink

My work is motivated by a desire to promote socially conscious thinking. I come from an economically disadvantaged background in a small rural town in central Pennsylvania. I grew up surrounded by people who saw little hope for a better life as factories closed down and wages stagnated.

Their hopelessness led to drug and alcohol addictions, violence, suicide, domestic abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors that create wider social problems.

These experiences and memories have provided a guiding principle in my work as a filmmaker. Although I am motived by a sense of cause, at the same time I am able to look at issues without prejudice and present the facts in an unbiased manner. I believe these are some of the qualities that make my team and I the right candidates to tell the important story of labor history in the America.

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