The 2017 Great Labor Art Exchange

There are three words that when read in a certain order, make you feel that things are not good or easy at that moment. “In these times” are the three words and they tell us that these times are uncertain. There is (for fans of Sci-Fi) a disturbance in the force. We feel it and know it must be fought against. In times like these it takes a convergence of power — our power as individuals to come together and join our strength to that of others; a joining called the 2017 Great Labor Arts Exchange: A Choral Convergence.

This year record numbers converged in Silver Spring Maryland. this aggregation of people gathered together on land that has been a place of peace, spirituality, and deep learning. No better place for their cause could be found — this is a place that shares the heart of the people who come together and work there each and every day. The Tommy Douglas Conference Center. This was a remarkable year for the GLAE. 



Check out this great selection of images from the Arts Exchange!