2012 DC Labor Film Fest

Amid the ravages of the ongoing recession, high unemployment and tumult of political uncertainty, a film festival can seem lightweight, an insufficient response to the serious challenges of our times.

To the contrary, the breadth and depth of our 12th annual DC Labor FilmFest proves that a film festival is exactly what these times call for. In this election year, everyone’s talking about jobs, and getting America back to work. At the same time, workers themselves – and their unions – are under attack more than ever.

The films of the DC Labor FilmFest speak to us of the work we do. Sometimes they shout, in hard-hitting documentaries. In musicals, they sing and dance. They whisper in romantic comedies. And they crackle in classic films.

However those voices come out, they are our voices, the voices of the workers who make, and who do, who get up every day and punch in, who do what must be done. These are voices that are not often heard, that are ignored or discounted by those in power, but they are voices that must be heard if we are to prosper and progress as a nation.

As always, the DC Labor FilmFest could not exist without the steadfast support of our sponsors, who continue to inspire us with their vision and shared belief in the power of film to build solidarity.

Introductory text from the Program Guide. The complete schedule of the festival is online as well.