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  • Occupy Now! Photo Contest Winners

    The winners of the Occupy Now! Photo Contest were selected by ballot box vote by the participants of the CCO/GLAE/CAMP-S

    Professional Winner:
    Russell Belcher of Arc Lamp Productions, LLC.
    “Occupy DC Eviction @ McPherson Square taken 2/4/12 at 6:47 pm


    Amateur Winner:
    Michael Padwee “Rise Up, We Are the 99%”

    May Day in Durham, NC

    photo by Dante Strobino

    We had 10 rank-n-file UE150 members that were either workers in the City of Durham or state workers at Murdoch Center in Butner, as well as 12 BWFJ’s Youth “HIP HOP FOR JUSTICE “that marched today with nearly 300 people in Durham, NC for May Day, International Workers Day!

    We held signs and helped to lead the struggle to defend an end to cuts in public service jobs, schools and public services. Max Davis, BWFJ/ sanitation worker and president of our Durham City workers chapter of UE local 150 spoke in front of City hall about the struggles of city workers demanding participatory budget process, no to privatization, $1000 wage increase, meet-n-confer and more.

    Additionally, we reached out to the American Postal Workers Union local 24 and National Association of Letter Carriers local 382, who did show up and spoke at the post office about their major struggles to also defend these vital public services. As y’all know, the post office is facing up to 120,000 lay-offs and closure of several thousand post offices!

    We were also joined by Farm Labor Organizing Committee (AFL-CIO) who is in a major struggle to organize tobacco workers employed by contractors of Reynolds America tobacco. There will be a major march at their shareholders meeting in Winston Salem tomorrow, May 3! State AFL-CIO leader Mary Be McMillan also spoke at the rally.

    Over all it was a very spirited rally. After marching and holding rallies at the post office and city hall, we went and rallied at the local jail to challenge racist repression, the murder of many Black youth such as Trayvon Martin, mass incarceration and to end deportations. We were joined by several powerful Latino community groups, many of which were undocumented, yet we were able to take the roads most of the march because of our great numbers!

    We look forward to hearing how May Day marches looked in other cities with our members around the country too!

    Workers Rights are Human Rights! Organize the South!
    Support the Struggles of the NC Public Sector Workers Union, UE local 150

    Mental Health Workers speaking-out for justice

    “Occupy Now!” Photo Contest

    LABOR HERITAGE FOUNDATION is pleased to announce:

    “The Newspaper Guild – Great Labor Arts Exchange “Occupy Now!” Photo Contest.” $1000.00 in cash prizes to be given away.

    The international union, The Newspaper Guild, is sponsoring a contest for best photo of the Occupy movement.  Contestant entries will be judged by participants at the 34th annual Great Labor Arts Exchange June 22-25, 2012 at the Conference Center @ the Maritime Trades Institute. Judging will be by secret votes. Winners will be selected based on the number of votes received. Deadline for submissions June 1, 2012.

    Awards will given in three (3) categories:

    Best of Student Photo (school age- college)
    Best of Amateur Photo (any age)
    Best of Professional Photo (anyone who has been paid as a photographer)

    Each award will be $333.33 totaling $999.99 for the 99% of us that Occupy stands for.

    Anyone is welcome to submit.  Submissions* should be sent to:
    Labor Heritage Foundation
    815 16th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20006

    Submissions should be no larger than 10 X 13 and no smaller than 4 X 6. Photos can be sent mounted or un-mounted.  Photos will not be returned unless return posted is included.  Submissions should include the name of the photographer, contact information, and category (as listed above).

    Deadline for submissions June 1, 2012.

    Register and attend the Great Labor Arts Exchange, Conference on Creative Organizing, or Camp Solidarity, strongly encouraged.

    *Submissions to this contest confers permission to the Labor Heritage Foundation and The Washington Baltimore Newspaper Guild, Local 32035 to use, reproduce, and publish photos for advertisement, promotions, and announcement purposes; but does not include reproductions for sale of the photo.

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    Please note: Local Pickup can only be used if in the Metro D.C. area. Dismiss