The Joe Hill Award

The Joe Hill Award, honors leaders and artists who have contributed to the successful integration of arts and culture in the labor movement. Given every year at the Great Labor Arts Exchange is awarded to persons based on their dedication, participation, and promotion of labor, labor arts, culture, organizing, and/or history.

The Labor Heritage Foundation has presented this annual lifetime achievement award for work in the field of labor culture since 1989.

2012 Saul Schniderman & Pablo Davis
2011 Jon Fromer & Bobbie Rabinowitz
2010 Jerry Gray
2009 Ricardo Levins Morales
2008 Peter Jones
2007 Julius Margolin
2006 Joe Uehlein
2005 Anne Feeney
2004 Utah Phillips
2003 Hazel Dickens
2002 Faith Petric
2001 Baldemar Velasquez
2000 Rev. James Orange
1999 Guy and Candie Carawan
1998 Archie Green
1997 Joe Glazer
1996 Anne Romaine
1995 Pete Seeger
1994 Moe Foner
1993 Cesar Chavez
1992 Joyce Kornbluh
1991 Ralph Fasanella
1990 Emmanuel Fried
1989 John Handcox